Instantly marinate tofu with this easy hack for the lazy cook

Instantly marinated tofu triangles

Tofu is one of my staples.  But often when I am trying to cook quickly I don’t have time to properly press and marinate the tofu and it can ends up being really tasteless.

I’m rarely organised enough to prepare ahead of time or patient enough to wait an hour while my tofu marinates.  When you skip this step the tofu doesn’t have time to soak up the flavour of the marinade and so it can easily become tasteless.

Instead I slice the tofu thinly and spread marinade inside sandwiches of tofu. This sandwich traps the marinade into the tofu, so need for it to soak. Cooking on a sandwich press is not only quick, it also further squishes the flavour into the tofu. 


Vegemite tofu

I first came up with this recipe out of desperation, one night when my cupboard was totally bare. I found a packet of tofu lurking in the back of the fridge and being Australian, I had Vegemite in the cupboard. Vegemite has a salty umami taste and goes well with tofu. Apparently I’m far from the only Australian to come up with this combination out of desperation.

Using Vegemite is my favourite way to make this type of tofu, but I’ve tried it with lots of different marinades. Miso paste, barbecue sauce, chutney and of course Sriracha are all tasty in a tofu sandwich triangle like this.  Those without a taste for Vegemite (or its British cousin Marmite) have lots of options.

A combination of Vegemite and Sriracha tofu triangles is my typical go to. Tonight I paired them with salad greens and avocado for a tasty protein rich dinner.


Instantly marinate tofu hack

  1. Slice the tofu, making each slice 1/3 to 1/4 inch thick
  2. Spread the vegemite or sriracha on a slice of tofu and top with a second slice
  3. Place the tofu sandwiches on top of a clean tea towel or a few pieces of kitchen paper and roll gently with a rolling pin to press
  4. Add to a sandwich press and toast for 3 to 4 minutes
  5. Grab the tofu off the sandwich press and allow to rest for a minute before cutting into triangles




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  1. C Lee says:

    this looks great! I just started getting into eating tofu and i love it!


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