About me

Real food, fast.

I used to avoid cooking because all the meals I knew how to cook were too complex and too slow for me to bother, particularly when it was just me.

I’m busy — work, study and life all get in the way of me spending 2 hours a night cooking. But I’m also lazy and some (many) days I prioritise watching TV or surfing the internet over preparing a meal.

The recipes and ideas I share on this site are the product of creative laziness. It’s not cordon bleu and I’m not a nutritionist or a chef.  These recipes are the results of my experimenting with ingredients and techniques find meals I can prepare faster than I can reheat a frozen microwave dinner.

Meals in only seven minutes

I set a target of making meals in seven minutes because thats how long it takes to microwave the Weight Watchers Pumpkin & Ricotta Cannelloni.  This used to be my go to frozen meal and for a while I was eating this or similar ready made meals several times a week.

The week I found myself eating the pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni four times in a single week set me on the journey that became this blog.  I set myself challenge to find and create simple healthy meals I can prepare in seven minutes.

When I was subsisted largely on frozen prepackaged meals I stopped thinking about eating as an experience to be enjoyed and more as refueling. Not appreciating what I was eating led to even more poor dietary habits and my weight increased significantly.   It’s exacerbated living on my own, cooking for one can be tedious and there is on one to split the washing up duties with.

So this is blog is about more than just cooking healthy meals quickly, it’s about understanding how food nourishes.

Healthy and sustainable

The day I started this blog I read in the Guardian that only 6.8% of Australians eat the recommended amount of vegetables.  The article claimed that people were avoiding vegetables and turning to prepackage meals because they had less time to cook.

So the solution is to cook in less time.

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