Do you recognise these 7 mistakes in setting up a kitchen?

Today don’t have a new recipe to share, instead I am going to share some of the mistakes I was making in setting up my kitchen that were slowing me down when I was cooking. I have identified 7 kitchen set up mistakes and some of the solutions I have used to speed my cooking….

Seven minute recipe: Kale tabouli

I’m off to a picnic barbecue this afternoon and I wanted a salad that was quick to make and tasty to share with vegan, veggie and omnivore friends alike.

Seven minute recipe: Cucumber salad with tahini dressing

This is one of the fastest meals I know how to cook, as well as being both tasty and healthy.  I have trialled making a video, which was super awkward.  As you will see, if you watch the video, when I say it’s a seven minute recipe that includes time for forgetting where I put…

Seven minute recipe: grilled carrot salad with sweet potato and kale

This recipe is another meal which features cooking in a sandwich press, which I love because it’s so much quicker and easier to clean than a grill.  The carrots in this recipe are unpeeled because I like the taste and of course it’s quicker.  You could of course peel the carrots, but you miss out…

Warm chickpea and tomato salad

This recipe is one of my go to meals, it’s really tasty and easily made well within the 7 minute timeframe.  There is something about a warm salad that is much more satisfying than a cold version and being packed full of veggies and protein from the chickpeas this salad is plenty filling.  The directions…