My ultimate emergency scrambled eggs

I know I said earlier I would have a recipe post to share soon and I’m sorry but this is not it. Instead it’s my part of the story of why I am writing this blog.  Earlier in the week I was listening to a podcast called What is your why? and I was struggling with expressing why it was so important to me to put all of this out into the interwebs in the form of this blog.  Then Sunday happened.

boxesAs I said in my last post I am moving house next week. I’m moving interstate, so for much of the weekend I was having lovely catch ups with friends who I won’t see as much after I move. I’d reserved Sunday night for packing before the movers come on Wednesday.  Then Sunday night my Grandfather took a fall. He’s going to be fine, but for various reasons I was the only person who could sit with him and wait for the ambulance and then head to the hospital.  After all of this I came home exhausted and stressed, I needed dinner quickly before I could face packing boxes.

I am an emotional eater, my first impulse when I finally got home was to order a pizza and eat the entire thing.  It was late, I was hungry and I didn’t have a single scrap of mental energy left for cooking.  Emergency scrambled eggs to the rescue. This is my go to meal when I’ve not done the shopping and I need a meal in 7 minutes.

Even in the most stressful of circumstances I was able to pull together a relatively healthy meal.  That such a change from how I would have lived my life a year ago.  A year ago I would have ordered that pizza and eaten it all, but it would have left me feeling ill and mentally berating myself for eating junk food.  The combination of poor quality food and self castigation would have left me without energy and made it even harder to find the motivation to work on packing.  Instead I was able to pull together a relatively healthy meal, with vegetables.  That small feeling of achievement gave me the motivation to face the packing.

One small change can be the catalyst for bigger changes.  Achieving even simple tasks can give you the motivation to face much larger ones.  So I want to share this journey.  Hopefully there are people out there who will find it helpful, but mostly I want to share because sharing this reminds me of what I can do and reinforces that I have the skills and capacity to nourish my body in a healthy way.

I haven’t included a full recipe for my scrambled eggs in this post.  The captions of the photos should make it clear what I did, but let me know if you want more details.

A desert spoon of mayo is the perfect addition when cooking scrambled eggs in the microwave, I have tried to find the website where I first saw this idea, but I couldn’t, if you are the person who came up with this all credit to you.  In my current microwave 2 minutes is the perfect time to cook scrambled eggs, but it can vary depending on the power of the machine.

Finally, the eggs are sitting at the bottom of a bowl of water because I wasn’t sure how fresh they were and I used the float test to check.  Egg kept in the fridge last well past the best before date written on the carton.


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